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"I Have A Dream"

13. April 2018 17:04 by abdillon in

I, Abraham Darius Dillon, “Have A Dream” too.

Courtesy of, and motivated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



“I have a dream that one day”…. Every Liberian child will grow up in a land of real economic, social and true individual freedoms; and that the quality of our education, health, agriculture and other relevant sectors will be upgraded and brought up to standard compared with or become even better than other nations around the world.


Yes…. “I have a dream”, too, that one day…. Every Liberian citizen as well as Legal Resident will have access to jobs and other opportunities such as State-funded Loans for Students and Financial Aid for Small Business Owners, regardless of their political or social affiliation, connection, tribe, religion or status.


Oh Yes! “I also have a dream that one day”….. Our justice system will be robustly reformed and strengthened in such a way that access to justice would be on the basis of “what is right” and not on the basis of who is involved; and that every person will be treated equal under the law.


And still, “I have a dream that one day”…… The high and unrealistic income disparities between public officials (elected or appointed) and civil servants and other professional workers will be reviewed and adjusted in a realistic manner to meet current economic challenges.


Still on, “I have a dream that one day”…. The division, hatred, envy, undermining and the crab mentality among (most) Liberians will be substituted with love, care and support for one another whereby we will be our “brother’s keeper”; realizing that only “in union strong, success is sure” indeed; that we will also learn to embrace and tolerate the views and rights of others to freely associate with others, even if we do not agree with those views or associations.


Yet still, “I have a dream that one day”….. Liberians (home and abroad) will cultivate a brand new culture and patriotic spirit of love for our country, see it as the best in the world and treat it as the only place from where none of us can be deported; that we will be determined to develop our country and make it second to none.


And yes…. “I still have a dream that one day”….. We will begin to elect and appoint leaders with strong morals, ethical values and integrity; leaders who will shy away from corruption and other societal vices; those who will consider stealing public funds as not only shameful, but as bad as hell, because such despicable acts undermine development and keep majority of our already underprivileged citizens in abject poverty.


Yes..... I, too, "have a dream".