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Darius Dillon Condemns Senate

3. March 2014 12:54 by abdillon in
Darius Dillon condemns Senate
Mr. Darius Dillon
Mr. Darius Dillon
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Liberty Party’s Darius Dillon has condemned the Liberian Senate for initiating a legislation that seeks to prevent some officials at the Central Bank of Liberia from contesting elected positions while serving at the bank.

The legislation, among other things, states that the executive officials at the bank can only seek elected positions if they resign three years before elections in the country.

Speaking in Monrovia over the weekend, Mr. Dillon said he believes the legislation is in violation of the Liberian Constitution and wants the House of Representatives not to concur with the Senate in passing such a law.

Mr. Dillon encouraged those who would be affected by such law to challenge it before the Supreme Court of Liberia.

He said instead of infringing on rights of people, the Liberia Legislature should be looking at the decent work bill, the code of conduct and other relevant people-driven laws.

According to him, the piece of legislation that was passed on Thursday, February 13, 2014 by members of the Liberian Senate is a waste of time, and that they should think about important things for the country. 

Mr. Dillon said the Constitution provides that all citizens must have equal rights and not a selected few.

“The Constitution says nobody should be denied his or her rights unless it is a result of a court hearing,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Liberty Party partisan has given members of the Liberia Legislature the up to the end of February to pay their staffers 19 months arrears.

Mr. Dillon said if the money is not paid, he will display documents to show how the money was used by the lawmakers.

He alleged that US$900,000 was put into the last budget of the lawmakers to have their staffers paid but since the workers have not been given their money.

Mr. Dillon said it is evil for one lawmaker to take home more than US$13,000.00 while those who work for them take home far less than that.