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Darius Dillon Takes on Rep. Acarous Gray

21. January 2014 14:53 by abdillon in

The Editor,

I read Rep. Acarous Gray’s long and usual attack on my person on Facebook because I called him out on his bluff to stage a "BOYCOTT" of the President's Annual Message relative to the issue at the University of Liberia. I only laughed out loud. Now, let me call his "BOYCOTT" bluff out even more, although I expect his usual diatribes in response to these civil discussions.

Under the Gyude Bryant administration.... Sometime in 2004, the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) decided to purchase hundreds of very expensive CHEROKEE JEEPS for senior public officials, including 76 pieces for each Member of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA). This decision ran contrary to public outcry for more and better public buses to ease the transportation hardship on our people.

In a bid to side with the public, then Rep. Rufus D. Neufville who was coincidentally your boss at the time (you were his Office Attendant) staged a "BOYCOTT" action. He insisted he wouldn't collect his CHEROKEE JEEP until some buses were purchased for the benefit of the public he served. True to his words, he rejected his CHEROKEE JEEP.

This brought some embarrassment to his colleagues in the NTLA and the entire Government. It exposed the Government's insensitivity to the plight of his people.

Rep. Neufville’s colleagues could not withstand the shame and embarrassment so they resorted to their usual intimidating and scare tactic. They demanded him to apologize or be "suspended" from the NTLA. Rufus stood his grounds. He was "suspended" from the NTLA for three consecutive months without pay, and his CHEROKEE JEEP remained parked on the grounds of the Capitol Building during the entire period of his "suspension".

However, before the expiration of his suspension, the shame and embarrassment of his singular, but very courageous action compelled the NTGL to purchase about ten brand new buses from Africa Motors ease the transportation challenge of the public.

For me, this is what we call an impactful and effective "BOYCOTT" action; not the bluff Rep. Gray is putting up for public traction. Gray should not be allowed to sit and wait until he gets to know that a matter such as the UL situation is nearing resolution before shamefully running to announce a "BOYCOTT" so as to give an impression that his “BOYCOTT” action resulted to, or brought about the solution that was already derived at. To me, that's being vain-glorious.

Abraham Darius Dillon,