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"Issues On My Mind"..... The JUDICIARY

12. January 2014 22:30 by abdillon in

Hey Folks:

I am beginning a Weekly Series captioned "ISSUES ON MY MIND". From time to time, I will focus on the three branches of Government, and will also address other issues of national concerns. These Series will reflect my personal views; and I shall endeavor to "call a spade a spade" without fear or favor, and let the "chips fall where they may".

Today, I begin with the JUDICIARY.... Supreme Court of Liberia. In the next Series, I will focus on the Executive Branch and speak to the unbearable rise in the Exchange Rate and EDUCATION in Liberia.

1. Supreme Court vs. Justice Minister Christiana Tah

Let me state clearly that I respect the decision of the High Court to slam a Contempt action against the Justice Minister, even though I hold the view that the decision was inappropriate and imprudent. It beats my imagination that the Court will deliberately choose to ignore other serious and very important matters before that body, but will hand down a punitive ruling in a matter that is legally moot. 

For instance, the case involving Hans and Mardea Williams accused of murdering the late Angel Togba. Why hasn't the Supreme Court garnered the courage to deliberate and bring to closure this matter that has been on appeal that body for close to four years? The Court should consider the legal maxim that says...... "Justice delayed is justice denied". The Court's reluctance or deliberate refusal to bring this matter to final and logical closure constitutes a flagrant violation of the rights of Hans and Mardea Williams, notwithstanding the gravity of the crime they are accused of. The Court MUST decide this matter to declare their guilt or innocence as dictated by law. These people and others who are similarly situated have nowhere else to turn for JUSTICE.

2. Grace Kpaan & Mary Broh Vs. The Legislature

For close to two years now or so, the Supreme Court has failed, refused and neglected to clearly interpret what constitutes "Contempt of the Legislature". For instance, the cases of Mary Broh vs. The Senate and Grace Kpaan vs. The House of Representatives remain lingering before the Court. For some strange reasons, the Supreme Court has demonstrated lack of will to hand down Rulings in any of these matters. Without a Ruling of the High Court as to what constitutes "LEGISLATIVE CONTEMPT", I can dare to hold the Supreme Court largely responsible for the Legislature's abuse and violation of the rights of public officials and other private citizens under the circumstances. 

The Supreme Court MUST rise up for it is the FINAL resort for Legal JUSTICE. 

Yes...... Da Me...... Darius Dillon.... Say So.