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Dillon Takes On Citizenship Issue

7. January 2014 13:33 by abdillon in

Dillon takes on citizenship issue

There’s an article in World Politics Review today called “Liberia debates race-based citizenship” by Myles Estey.

I learned from the article that there is a movement led by Darius Dillon, a senior aid to Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor, to change the constitutional clause that prohibits people not of negro descent from becoming citizens.

So who is this guy? Some quick Google-ing turns up this:

  • He was Cheif of Office Staff to former House speaker Edwin Snowe.
  • The last US State Department Human Rights report cites the February 2008 detention of Dillion as an example of arbitrary detention: Acting on orders of House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, security forces…detained Darius Dillon, a member of the House of Representatives who was suspended for six months for testifying in court that House members had received bribes; Dillon was charged with bringing the House into public disrepute. On March 1, Dillon was released by order of the Supreme Court.

But that’s all I can find. Anyone know more about him? And his possible motivation for taking on this cause?

Update: Thanks to a Liberian friend for this comment:

Darius Dillon…was never a member of the legislature but is arguably the most high profile legislative aide. The issue of changing the citizenship law is something that he put forth months ago and has not gained traction. Frankly, I highly doubt it will go anywhere. Time after time politicians have tried to change the law to no avail. Changing [this clause] is one of the few things that constituents will take their representatives to task over. Back to Dillon, i don’t know him but he is someone to watch. He keeps popping up in political hot topics.


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2 thoughts on “Dillon takes on citizenship issue

  1. Darius DillonMay 1, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks for your interest shown relative to the Liberian Citizenship debate.If you wish to reach me regarding the debate, you can reach me at email dillonabraham@yahoo.com. Better still, my phone numbers are: +231-6510588/77510588/5510588/4510588.

    We live in a globalised world. We intermingle. That is why I feel strongly that its time to open our citizenship to ALL regardless of race, religion, creed, etc. I hold the strong view that citizenship by birth MUST be a matter of RIGHT. No one chooses where to be born or the parents to be born unto. Citizenship by naturalization, in my view, should be by choice.

    I am determined to gather the neccesary support from all well-meaning Liberians at home and in the diaspora to ensure that this goal is achieved. This, I am committed to. Already, thousands of Liberians, some Members of the Liberian Legislature are embracing this campaign. When the neccesary and appropriate awareness is done, we shall petition our Legislature to ensure the constituional amendment in this regard. It may take a while, but we shall “get there”.

    A. Darius Dillon
    Open Liberian Citizenship Campaigner

  2. Phil GeorgeOctober 28, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Darius Dillion is the kind of inspiring leader that is needed in Liberia today. One who calls out corruption when he sees it and advocates for the Liberian people without fear. Dillon reminds me of John Morlu, the Auditor General of Liberia who is not a favorite of the ruling establishment because he takes his job seriously and refuses to be a part of the corrupt enterprise. Morlu could also be a political favorite if he plans to run for political office in the future. It’s time for change. These are great Liberians!