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Dillon Takes Center Stage At Capitol Building

7. January 2014 13:54 by abdillon in

Senator Taylor’s Chief of Office Staff takes center stage

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Written by Julius Kanubah

Source: Star Radio Liberia

The leadership of the senate has come under strong criticisms for its decision to suspend and barred Darius Dillon from entering the National Legislature.

The criticisms come amidst intense disagreement over the controversial decision of the Senate’s leadership led by Pro Temp Cletus Wotorson.

The disagreement followed bitter exchanges Friday involving Darius Dillon and his supporters on one hand and the Police on the other.

Mr. Dillon had openly defied the directive of the Senate by returning to work at the Capitol Building, a situation that prompted police officers to pursue him.

Confusion then ensued with Mr. Dillon- Chief of Office Staff of Bong Senator Jewel Taylor backed by his supporters resisting a police invitation.

Amidst the confusion, lawmakers Nathaniel Williams, Rufus Neufville and Mobutu Nyepan termed the action of the Senate’s leadership as nonsense.

They argued that the Senate’s leadership does not have the legal authority whatever to suspend and ban a personal staff of another Senator.

In spite of the confusion, Dillon appeared at the Police headquarters in Monrovia but later returned to work at the Legislature. Meanwhile, Margibi Senator Roland Kaine has warned of serious action against those responsible for the controversial decision against Darius Dillon.Senator Kaine said the leadership of the Senate acted unconstitutionally and against its rule to impose punishment against Dillon.According to him, an investigation would be conducted into the situation by the Senate’s plenary and those held liable would face the wrath of the Senate.At the same time, Representative Moses Tandapolie has called on Senators behind the illegal actions against Dillon to attend additional Legislative workshops.Despite the condemnations, two members of the Senate’s leadership have defended the actions instituted against Mr. Dillon.Senators Sumo Kupee and Abel Massaley argued the Senate’s leadership has the authority to take actions against any personal staffer of another Senator.According to them, such actions are in line with administrative procedures as personal staffers including Dillon are paid through the budget of the Senate.They said it was disrespectful for any personal staffer to insult a member of the Senate even if not from the same political party.Dillon had claimed that Senator John Ballout did not have the moral rectitude to criticize an opposition bloc, accusing him of pocketing his ghost staffers’ salaries.