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CDC Blacklists Dillon, Others

7. January 2014 13:28 by abdillon in

Liberia: CDC’s Black List Out


A newsletter allegedly circulated by the opposition Congress for Democratic Change or CDC and circulated in Monrovia has listed several institutions, including media houses that it describes as “Axis of Evil,” and has asked all its members and sympathizers not to transact business with these institutions.

The newsletter also lists several individuals, including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, as personalities who planned and executed the “Bloody Monday” on November 7, and that they and the listed institutions should be considered as public enemies.

“CDCians and patriotic Liberians are asked to refrain from doing business with the following state subsidized establishments; don’t buy, sell or do business with these heartless business persons or institutions,” the leaflet said.

The media institutions the alleged CDC leaflet considers as public enemies are: New Dawn, Truth FM, Real TV, Liberia Broadcasting System or LBS, New Democrat, Daily Observer, Inquirer, Frontpage Africa, Parrot, and Hot FM.

Non-media institutions listed include Cellcom GSM mobile company, Zutin and Zutin Nails, Evelyn’s Restaurant, Abijoudi Supermarket, Royal Hotel, Provident Hotel, RLJ, Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, Srimex, FIND of Kofi Woods, etc.

The individuals it names as the planners behind the Monday November 7 clashes at its headquarters are President Sirleaf, Musa Bility, Eugene Nagbe, Police Director Marc Amblard, NSA boss Fomba Sirleaf, Robert Sirleaf, Maritime boss Beyan Kesselly, Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan, Cole Bangalu, Jackie Capehart, Darius Dillon, Sam Wlue, Police Traffic Director Mickey Gray, Patrick Honna, Darlington George, Planning Minister Amara Konneh, etc.

The newsletter says a full list of individuals will be released later. The newsletter was circulated simultaneously with another leaflet calling on CDCians to gear up for a 30-day non-stop protest that would lead to the president stepping down.

It reads: “The Great Victory Rally! It’s a start of a 30-day non-violent protest for a change that must come! No, no, the minority cannot rule the majority! Be there on November 28, at 6 pm at the Headquarter … come with extra food, water and clothing for the great rally that lasts 30-days-30 nights! Yes we must!”

A pre-election document signed between CDC standard bearer George Weah and an American “strategist,” called Alan White, in 2010 revealed that the CDC has long had an undisclosed “Plan B,” if it did not win the 2011 elections. Its General Secretary Acarous Gray has consistently said that the party plans to make Liberia bitter and ungovernable, while one of its executives, Mulbah Morlu, has said that the party will continue its Arab-style protest until the president steps down, a statement the government is yet to react to.

The Alan white document calls for a series of sustained protests aimed at forcing the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government to appear weak or illegitimate in the process, a situation that would also force the government to form an interim government of national unity.

In view of the contents of the Alan White document and the newsletter mentioned above, and considering the actions and statements coming from CDC officials and partisans, including standard bearer Winston Tubman’s recent statement that there will be more protests, keen observers believe that this is the beginning of the execution of CDC’s “Plan B.” But whether “Plan B” will succeed is what is unknown to most people at the moment.

Unity Party David Korte, speaking on the Truth FM Breakfast show on Thursday, said it was time that President Sirleaf acted like an African leader for a week to ensure that the CDC does not disturb the peace currently being enjoyed.