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Dillon Commends Amb. George Weah

12. December 2012 21:49 by abdillon in

Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon, a staunch supporter of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the ruling Unity Party, has lauded the standard bearer of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) George M. Weah for being what he calls a true nationalist. The CDC, which is headed by the African football legend, is the leading opposition political party in the country.

While concluding a meeting with political parties’ leaders this week, President Sirleaf informed them (political leaders) that Amb. Weah has consented to work with the government as “Peace Ambassador,” and will assist with the reconciliation efforts. As part of his duties, Mr. Weah will put together his own Plan of Action as to how he will proceed.

In a post on his face book page, Mr. Dillon said the CDC political leader has demonstrated a true sense of nationalism, which touches him (Dillon). Said Dillon: “I wish to commend him for accepting to graciously serve our country as Peace Ambassador. I have no doubt that he will justify the confidence reposed in him by the people of Liberia by and through the President of Liberia. His courage and willingness to serve in this very crucial position, notwithstanding his role as head of the most populous opposition political party, has once more elevated and distinguished him as a true nationalist.”

“Like I have always said, we all consciously owe a duty to our country and people. I wish him well as he embarks upon the herculean task of seeking to reconcile our country torn apart and deeply divided in every sphere…. Politically, socially, ethnically, economically, etc. I wish you well, sir” he furthered.

He also pointed out that those who continue to harbor that those who see reasons to speak for or serve in the UP-led administration means they are generally and automatically “corrupt”, “gravy-seekers”, “belly-driven”, “inconsistent” and “job-seekers”,  Amb. Weah’s consent to serve should send a very strong message that being an “opposition” does not, and should not in any way cause Liberians to turn their backs on their country and wish the worst for it.

“My people, it is not crime or sin to serve your country whenever you can. I say bravo Amb. Weah. You have increased your space in my heart in the interest of Liberia,” he added.