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Darius Dillon Seeks Help For University Of Liberia, Receive Certificates of Honor From US Lawmakers

24. November 2012 20:49 by abdillon in

Darius Dillon Seeks Help For University Of Liberia, Receive Certificates of Honor From US Lawmakers


Dr. John H. MCcray And A. Darius Dillon

As he strives to anxiously seek further education abroad, Abraham Darius Dillon is also seeking the interest of his home Country, Liberia by prevailing on well meaning Americans come to the resuce of the University of Liberia, and others educational institutions.


This became a reality when an invitation was extended him on Monday, November 19th, 2012 by Dr. John H. McCray, Jr., Vice Provost for Urban Programs & Associate Professor of Management Sciences at the University of Rhode Island.


prof. nadia saadah demonstrates to darius dillon in the science laboratory at university of rhode island

His one-day official visit to the State of Rhode Island in the United States of America gave him the opportunity to interact officials and Professors including Madam BarbaraKlitz, Associate Professor & of the Graduate Cytopathology Program, Dr. Edward Bozzi, Associate Professor, Chemistry Administration, Biotechnology Management Program, Miss. Nadia Saadeh and Mr. Alan Rothman, all of the University of Rhode Island (Alan Shawn Feinstein Providence Campus).



darius dillon experiments the laboratory equipment at university of rhode island

During a brief ceremony, Dr. McCray welcomed Mr. Dillon and thanked him for the visit, and indicated his long-standing interest in the history of Liberia, and further recalled how the Late Liberian President William V S Tubman fought for African freedom that witnessed the independence of many African Nations during Tubman’s reign and afterwards.


During the visit, according to a dispatch from the United States, Mr. Dillon was taken on a guided tour to see the facilities of the campus.

Being impressed by what he saw, especially the Science Laboratories, Mr. Dillon made a passionate appeal for technical as well financial assistance for institutions of higher learning in Liberia with specific emphasis on the University of Liberia.

Speaking further, Mr. Dillon echoed, “I will not shy away from the fact that these learning facilities are lacking in my country due to our civil conflict which lasted for over fourteen years. As a country and people, resilient in our resolve to ensure we make up for the lost years, we are seeking every needed support and assistance in this direction”, Mr. Dillon told the American Professors.

He also expressed gratitude to officials of the University for the invitation and warm reception, and expressed joy for being in the United States in his pursuit of higher and quality academic as well as professional career.

Echoing his appeal for the University of Liberia, Mr. Dillon stressed, “It would please my heart were you to consider lending some technical support toward the educational sector of my country; especially to the State-owned University of Liberia.

“There are other institutions of higher learning that are contributing and helping to mold the minds of young and upcoming professionals. But, admittedly, these facilities are lacking. We have no state-of-the-art learning equipment such as the ones you have here. We are in dire need. Some of my compatriots lack the opportunity to acquire quality education due to lack of financial support. I appeal that you consider offering some scholarshipsto some deserving students in Liberia to come and have the benefit of acquiring such. We shall forever remain grateful. Please consider my country”, Dillon concluded.

For his part, Dr. McCray then expressed his interest in helping with the educational sector of Liberia and embraced Mr. Dillon’s invitation to visit Liberia to meet with heads of some relevant institutions as a means of working out modalities for technical cooperation between some institutions of Liberia and the University of Rhode Island. He is expected in Liberia early February 2013 at head of a high-profile delegation at which time he will seek to meet particularly with Dr. Emmett Dennis, President of the University of Liberia to foster a partnership between the University of Rhode Island and the University of Liberia. Mr. Dillon assured that he would do his utmost the contact Dr. Dennis and heads of other relevant institutions of higher learning to inform them about Dr. McCray’s impending visit to Liberia.

In a related development, two United States Congressmen of the State of Rhode Island certificated Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon on the same day during his visit. Congressman Jack Reed said he was certificating Mr. Dillon for “Your visit to the State of Rhode Island and your dedication and service to the people of Liberia”. For his part, Congressman Sheldon Whitehouse said “In honor of your advocacy on behalf of the people of Liberia, I am pleased to present you this Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition”. Mr. Dillon expressed delight over the awards and said his motto has always been and remains “Liberia First”. He promised to keep advocating for the people of Liberia as his way of contributing his quota.

Mr. Darius Dillon is pursuing his undergraduate studies at the Strayer University at the Christiana Campus in the State of Delaware, United States of America.