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My Paralegal Experience

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I worked in the Offices of the Solicitor at the Ministry of Justice from 1995 to 2006. During said period, I served under the direct supervisions of four professional Solicitors General and six Ministers of Justice.  As Special Assistant to the Solicitor General from 1997 to 2006, I was significantly involved with preparing legal documents for prosecution and other related govt matters. The legal and other administrative experiences gained from my years at the Justice Ministry are worthy and very rewarding.

"I Have A Dream"

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I, Abraham Darius Dillon, “Have A Dream” too.

Courtesy of, and motivated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



“I have a dream that one day”…. Every Liberian child will grow up in a land of real economic, social and true individual freedoms; and that the quality of our education, health, agriculture and other relevant sectors will be upgraded and brought up to standard compared with or become even better than other nations around the world.


Yes…. “I have a dream”, too, that one day…. Every Liberian citizen as well as Legal Resident will have access to jobs and other opportunities such as State-funded Loans for Students and Financial Aid for Small Business Owners, regardless of their political or social affiliation, connection, tribe, religion or status.


Oh Yes! “I also have a dream that one day”….. Our justice system will be robustly reformed and strengthened in such a way that access to justice would be on the basis of “what is right” and not on the basis of who is involved; and that every person will be treated equal under the law.


And still, “I have a dream that one day”…… The high and unrealistic income disparities between public officials (elected or appointed) and civil servants and other professional workers will be reviewed and adjusted in a realistic manner to meet current economic challenges.


Still on, “I have a dream that one day”…. The division, hatred, envy, undermining and the crab mentality among (most) Liberians will be substituted with love, care and support for one another whereby we will be our “brother’s keeper”; realizing that only “in union strong, success is sure” indeed; that we will also learn to embrace and tolerate the views and rights of others to freely associate with others, even if we do not agree with those views or associations.


Yet still, “I have a dream that one day”….. Liberians (home and abroad) will cultivate a brand new culture and patriotic spirit of love for our country, see it as the best in the world and treat it as the only place from where none of us can be deported; that we will be determined to develop our country and make it second to none.


And yes…. “I still have a dream that one day”….. We will begin to elect and appoint leaders with strong morals, ethical values and integrity; leaders who will shy away from corruption and other societal vices; those who will consider stealing public funds as not only shameful, but as bad as hell, because such despicable acts undermine development and keep majority of our already underprivileged citizens in abject poverty.


Yes..... I, too, "have a dream".

My First Job in 1989

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My first job in the Freeport of Monrovia with Bridgeway Corporation - Dec 20, 1989, fresh from High School. I will remain forever grateful to the Haddad Family for setting me on my life's journey.

Legislative Experience

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On a scholarship grant awarded by the Indian Government in 2006, I obtained a Certificate in the Courses of Parliamentary Procedure and Legislative Drafting from Lok Sahba Secretariat in New Delhi, India. “Lok Sahba” means “House of the People” or House of Representatives”


Appointed as Chief of Staff in the Offices of House Speaker Edwin M. Snowe, Jr. (2006-2007) and Sen. Jewel Howard-Taylor (2007-2011) respectively, we had loads of work to do. In addition to supervising each office staff, we were responsible to review every document and provide appropriate pointers and inputs to ease their jobs. We drafted bills, wrote speeches, prepared the annual legislative agendas and reports; We also took charge of and handled other administrative matters related to the offices of the Speaker and the Senator. I also represented the Speaker and the Senator at occasions in and out of Liberia.

Wells-Hairston High School

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On October 25, 2014, we buried our former Principal. It was sad, and it was fun; some real old time memories of school days relived. Mr. S. Ofusu Bome was laid to rest in grand style - befitting of his contributions to our School - Wells-Hairston High School in Monrovia. Alumni was in attendance - ranging from 1986 to the 2000s; prominent was my Class - Class of '89. We wish the "EAGLE" will fly high again. May Mr. Bome's gentle soul rest in peace.

Believe in Liberia

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AB Darius Dillon

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Darius Dillon Condemns Senate

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Darius Dillon condemns Senate
Mr. Darius Dillon
Mr. Darius Dillon
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Liberty Party’s Darius Dillon has condemned the Liberian Senate for initiating a legislation that seeks to prevent some officials at the Central Bank of Liberia from contesting elected positions while serving at the bank.

The legislation, among other things, states that the executive officials at the bank can only seek elected positions if they resign three years before elections in the country.

Speaking in Monrovia over the weekend, Mr. Dillon said he believes the legislation is in violation of the Liberian Constitution and wants the House of Representatives not to concur with the Senate in passing such a law.

Mr. Dillon encouraged those who would be affected by such law to challenge it before the Supreme Court of Liberia.

He said instead of infringing on rights of people, the Liberia Legislature should be looking at the decent work bill, the code of conduct and other relevant people-driven laws.

According to him, the piece of legislation that was passed on Thursday, February 13, 2014 by members of the Liberian Senate is a waste of time, and that they should think about important things for the country. 

Mr. Dillon said the Constitution provides that all citizens must have equal rights and not a selected few.

“The Constitution says nobody should be denied his or her rights unless it is a result of a court hearing,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Liberty Party partisan has given members of the Liberia Legislature the up to the end of February to pay their staffers 19 months arrears.

Mr. Dillon said if the money is not paid, he will display documents to show how the money was used by the lawmakers.

He alleged that US$900,000 was put into the last budget of the lawmakers to have their staffers paid but since the workers have not been given their money.

Mr. Dillon said it is evil for one lawmaker to take home more than US$13,000.00 while those who work for them take home far less than that. 


Darius Dillon 'Bites' Pres. Sirleaf....... On Corruption

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Darius Dillon ‘Bites’ Ellen – Says Corruption Defeats Her Gov’tJune 16, 2013

The man many Liberians describe as the “political son” of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has hit hard against the regime for which he heavily campaigned, regretting how corruption has become pervasive.

Dillon, currently studying in the U.S, under the direct sponsorship of the Liberian leader told an In Profile Daily Interview that the corruption has won the war in Liberia.

President Sirleaf took over the country in 2006 and vowed to confront, fight and defeat corruption, but despite several anti-corruption measures put into place, her administration is accused of miserably failing to prosecute alleged corrupt officials.

Reports from the Liberia Anti-corruption Commission and the General Auditing Commission have uncovered several corruption syndicates, linking top government officials, recommending prosecution, but the Executive and the Judiciary have allegedly failed to muster the courage in prosecuting those involved.

Many Liberians who had been ardent supporters of President Sirleaf, including Dillon, are now becoming quite disappointed midway way into her second terms in the absence of strong actions to battle corruption.

As reported by the In Profile Wednesday, Dillon, one of the strong supporters of President Sirleaf’s 2011 reelection bid, has expressed serious frustration and disappointment over the failure of the Sirleaf- led government to deal with the issue of corruption in the country, noting: “Corruption has won the war in Liberia.”

Dillon who, during the first term of the Liberian leader, described corruption as being something dressed in a three- piece suit, walking on Broad Street without anyone to arrest it, said he is disappointed that up to present, no effort has been made by government to achieve the fight against the “disease” that continues to eat the fabrics of the Liberian society.

“The most I can say is that corruption has won the war in Liberia against government,” the former Liberty Party Stalwart continued. “The government has reasons to prove that it cannot fight corruption. The government lacks the will to fight corruption robustly because if you put an institution into place to fight corruption and the institution makes recommendations to government and it cannot implement the recommendations, then we render the institution useless.”

Speaking via telephone from the United States of America where he is currently perusing a Master’s Degree, Mr. Dillon said it is good that Liberians can continue to talk about it and that it is time for the country to take robust and practical actions to curtail the corrupt practices on the part of government officials.

Dillon asserted that the country cannot afford to have people clearly in corrupt acts as the institutions setup to carry out the fight against corruption including the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) and the General Auditing Commission (GAC) remain dormant.

“When last have we heard one GAC audit report transmitted to the court for prosecution? Why are we doing this to the people? This is not what we campaigned for; this is not what we told the people that we wanted. We said that we wanted a good government that will be in the interest of the people and do those things for national good. I am getting disappointed and I must say it,” he wondered and noted.

He called on the Sirleaf government to take more appropriate actions including the prosecution of corrupt officials, stressing the need for government to take other actions including dismissal of those who could not be convicted by the courts.

Mr. Dillon said it is not time for the Government of Liberia to be pushing for the prosecution of some individuals, while others who have equally been accused of corruption are left out, something he described as favoritism.


Darius Dillon Takes on Rep. Acarous Gray

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The Editor,

I read Rep. Acarous Gray’s long and usual attack on my person on Facebook because I called him out on his bluff to stage a "BOYCOTT" of the President's Annual Message relative to the issue at the University of Liberia. I only laughed out loud. Now, let me call his "BOYCOTT" bluff out even more, although I expect his usual diatribes in response to these civil discussions.

Under the Gyude Bryant administration.... Sometime in 2004, the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) decided to purchase hundreds of very expensive CHEROKEE JEEPS for senior public officials, including 76 pieces for each Member of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA). This decision ran contrary to public outcry for more and better public buses to ease the transportation hardship on our people.

In a bid to side with the public, then Rep. Rufus D. Neufville who was coincidentally your boss at the time (you were his Office Attendant) staged a "BOYCOTT" action. He insisted he wouldn't collect his CHEROKEE JEEP until some buses were purchased for the benefit of the public he served. True to his words, he rejected his CHEROKEE JEEP.

This brought some embarrassment to his colleagues in the NTLA and the entire Government. It exposed the Government's insensitivity to the plight of his people.

Rep. Neufville’s colleagues could not withstand the shame and embarrassment so they resorted to their usual intimidating and scare tactic. They demanded him to apologize or be "suspended" from the NTLA. Rufus stood his grounds. He was "suspended" from the NTLA for three consecutive months without pay, and his CHEROKEE JEEP remained parked on the grounds of the Capitol Building during the entire period of his "suspension".

However, before the expiration of his suspension, the shame and embarrassment of his singular, but very courageous action compelled the NTGL to purchase about ten brand new buses from Africa Motors ease the transportation challenge of the public.

For me, this is what we call an impactful and effective "BOYCOTT" action; not the bluff Rep. Gray is putting up for public traction. Gray should not be allowed to sit and wait until he gets to know that a matter such as the UL situation is nearing resolution before shamefully running to announce a "BOYCOTT" so as to give an impression that his “BOYCOTT” action resulted to, or brought about the solution that was already derived at. To me, that's being vain-glorious.

Abraham Darius Dillon,





"Issues On My Mind"..... The JUDICIARY

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Hey Folks:

I am beginning a Weekly Series captioned "ISSUES ON MY MIND". From time to time, I will focus on the three branches of Government, and will also address other issues of national concerns. These Series will reflect my personal views; and I shall endeavor to "call a spade a spade" without fear or favor, and let the "chips fall where they may".

Today, I begin with the JUDICIARY.... Supreme Court of Liberia. In the next Series, I will focus on the Executive Branch and speak to the unbearable rise in the Exchange Rate and EDUCATION in Liberia.

1. Supreme Court vs. Justice Minister Christiana Tah

Let me state clearly that I respect the decision of the High Court to slam a Contempt action against the Justice Minister, even though I hold the view that the decision was inappropriate and imprudent. It beats my imagination that the Court will deliberately choose to ignore other serious and very important matters before that body, but will hand down a punitive ruling in a matter that is legally moot. 

For instance, the case involving Hans and Mardea Williams accused of murdering the late Angel Togba. Why hasn't the Supreme Court garnered the courage to deliberate and bring to closure this matter that has been on appeal that body for close to four years? The Court should consider the legal maxim that says...... "Justice delayed is justice denied". The Court's reluctance or deliberate refusal to bring this matter to final and logical closure constitutes a flagrant violation of the rights of Hans and Mardea Williams, notwithstanding the gravity of the crime they are accused of. The Court MUST decide this matter to declare their guilt or innocence as dictated by law. These people and others who are similarly situated have nowhere else to turn for JUSTICE.

2. Grace Kpaan & Mary Broh Vs. The Legislature

For close to two years now or so, the Supreme Court has failed, refused and neglected to clearly interpret what constitutes "Contempt of the Legislature". For instance, the cases of Mary Broh vs. The Senate and Grace Kpaan vs. The House of Representatives remain lingering before the Court. For some strange reasons, the Supreme Court has demonstrated lack of will to hand down Rulings in any of these matters. Without a Ruling of the High Court as to what constitutes "LEGISLATIVE CONTEMPT", I can dare to hold the Supreme Court largely responsible for the Legislature's abuse and violation of the rights of public officials and other private citizens under the circumstances. 

The Supreme Court MUST rise up for it is the FINAL resort for Legal JUSTICE. 

Yes...... Da Me...... Darius Dillon.... Say So.

Indian Govt Grant Darius Dillon Scholarship

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India Gov't Gives Another Scholarship.


Nov 08, 2006 (The Inquirer/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- A nominee of government of Liberia, Mr. Abraham Dairus Dillon Sr., Chief of Office Staff of the Speaker, has been awarded a one-month scholarship by Government of India under ITEC Programme to undergo training in Parliamentary Internship Program from November 3, 2006 to December 1, 2006 conducted by the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training in New Delhi, India. The scholarship is geared towards the development of trained manpower in Liberia.

Government of India is providing this scholarship as a policy of sharing India's experience with other developing countries. It is also a part of India's …



Liberty Party Appoints Dillon to Top Advisory Post

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LP's Prodigal Son Gets Top Post

All Africa Thursday 15th August, 2013

Monrovia - The opposition Liberty Party (LP) has appointed Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon to head its policy bureau as senior policy advisor on strategy and tactics. "In your role, if you choose to accept, you will assist the Party design and coordinate strategies and programs necessary to build strategic relationships for the advancement of the Party. You will also perform other duties as assigned," the party said in an appointment letter signed by National Chairman J. Fonati Koffa. Mr. Dillon's appointment came less than a fortnight after he pleaded with the party in a letter to party Secretary...



Read the full story at All Africa



Dillon Takes Center Stage At Capitol Building

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Senator Taylor’s Chief of Office Staff takes center stage

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Written by Julius Kanubah

Source: Star Radio Liberia

The leadership of the senate has come under strong criticisms for its decision to suspend and barred Darius Dillon from entering the National Legislature.

The criticisms come amidst intense disagreement over the controversial decision of the Senate’s leadership led by Pro Temp Cletus Wotorson.

The disagreement followed bitter exchanges Friday involving Darius Dillon and his supporters on one hand and the Police on the other.

Mr. Dillon had openly defied the directive of the Senate by returning to work at the Capitol Building, a situation that prompted police officers to pursue him.

Confusion then ensued with Mr. Dillon- Chief of Office Staff of Bong Senator Jewel Taylor backed by his supporters resisting a police invitation.

Amidst the confusion, lawmakers Nathaniel Williams, Rufus Neufville and Mobutu Nyepan termed the action of the Senate’s leadership as nonsense.

They argued that the Senate’s leadership does not have the legal authority whatever to suspend and ban a personal staff of another Senator.

In spite of the confusion, Dillon appeared at the Police headquarters in Monrovia but later returned to work at the Legislature. Meanwhile, Margibi Senator Roland Kaine has warned of serious action against those responsible for the controversial decision against Darius Dillon.Senator Kaine said the leadership of the Senate acted unconstitutionally and against its rule to impose punishment against Dillon.According to him, an investigation would be conducted into the situation by the Senate’s plenary and those held liable would face the wrath of the Senate.At the same time, Representative Moses Tandapolie has called on Senators behind the illegal actions against Dillon to attend additional Legislative workshops.Despite the condemnations, two members of the Senate’s leadership have defended the actions instituted against Mr. Dillon.Senators Sumo Kupee and Abel Massaley argued the Senate’s leadership has the authority to take actions against any personal staffer of another Senator.According to them, such actions are in line with administrative procedures as personal staffers including Dillon are paid through the budget of the Senate.They said it was disrespectful for any personal staffer to insult a member of the Senate even if not from the same political party.Dillon had claimed that Senator John Ballout did not have the moral rectitude to criticize an opposition bloc, accusing him of pocketing his ghost staffers’ salaries.



Dillon Accuses Govt of "Sanctioned-Theft"

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Liberia Justice Minister Denies Wrongdoing Over Seized Nigerian Assets


Liberia's Justice Minister says he has done nothing wrong in connection with the government spending cash seized from a Nigerian businessman charged with money laundering.

When Nigerian businessman Valentine Ayika was arrested on charges of money laundering and drug smuggling in September 2006, security officials at Liberia's Roberts International Airport found he was carrying more than $500,000 in cash.

The money was seized, and Ayika was deported several days later.

Now Ayika wants his money back, but the government in Monrovia says it has spent that cash on improving security. And Liberian lawmakers want Justice Minister Phillip Banks to explain what has happened.

Darius Dillon, Chief of Staff for Liberian Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, says it is government-sanctioned theft that officials are trying to hide behind the classified nature of security spending.

"Are we waiting for a Nigerian man's money to protect ourselves here? This is an unrealistic justification," he said.

Dillon questions why Ayika was deported so quickly and how Justice Minister Banks authorized the spending of cash seized as evidence in a criminal case.

"Our constitution in Article 34D says no money can be used from government coffers without legislative appropriation," said Dillon. "Who authorized the Justice Minister to use that money?"

Banks has given a written response to questions from a House subcommittee investigating the issue. He told reporters in the capital that he has done nothing wrong.

"At no time did I, as Minister of Justice, receive any amount of money," said banks. "At no time did I, as Minister of Justice, expend any amount of money connected with this incident. So this is a total falsehood."

Banks says the order to confiscate the funds came from Liberian courts, not the Justice Ministry. Once he learned that those funds were being spent, he says he wrote the Central Bank governor telling him to stop.

"As Attorney General of the Republic, I am charged to uphold the law," said Banks. "Not to violate it. And therefore my point was that I could not as Attorney General advise the governor of the bank to release any funds to anyone if the court had acted and confiscated those funds. That would have been a contempt of the court. And I was not prepared to engage in a matter of a contempt of our court. I was not prepared as a matter of law to violate the laws of our country."

Banks says it is unfortunate that those representing Ayika have tried to make this a political matter rather than a legal issue. He says it is up to Liberians to decide whether he has committed any legal transgression concerning an affair that happened one full year before he took over at the Justice Ministry.

"As the Attorney General of this country, under Chapter 22 of the Executive Law, I have the authority to give opinions on any legal matter involving the government," said Banks. "That was the legal opinion that I gave."

Ayika says he has nothing to do with drug smuggling and has run a registered branch of his Capitno Global Concept Limited in Monrovia since 2005.

Dillon not only wants Liberia's government to repay the money, he wants Banks to resign.

"If the Justice Ministry is presided over by someone who knows the law and in broad daylight violates it without any conscience, without any remorse, I don't know where we are headed," added Dillon.

Ayika says he is convinced he will get his money back, with interest. Liberian lawyers representing Ayika have filed a motion to have the charges against him dismissed and his money returned.  



Dillon's Detention Is "Legislative Tyranny"... Says Press Union Of Liberia

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Dillon Detention is Legislative Tyranny - PUL.


Monrovia, Mar 03, 2008 (The Analyst/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has described as "legislative tyranny" the detention of the former Chief of Office Staff of the former House Edwin Snowe. Mr. Darius Dillon was ordered detained for six months after he was found guilty on contempt charges by the Plenary of the House of Representatives.

He was summoned to show cause why he should not held in contempt for alleging that the Judiciary Committee of the House had concocted plans to suspend Bong County Representative Samuel Bono and eject former Speaker Snowe from the House.

He honored the invitation and appeared but requested …



Dillon Wins Liberty Party Primary..... For Montserrado County Senatorial Contest

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Dillon Wins Liberty Party’s Primary;Set for Senatorial by-Election

Liberty Part’s Darius Dillon says he is poised to render useless the traditional belief that only older folks have leadership capability. 

Dillon who is vying for the vacant senatorial seat for Montserrado County Friday night told delegates at a Liberty Party primary, “In my opinion as a politician, we need people with strong courage and principle to represent the interest of the people, whom we serve. Liberty Party members, we have come to make a decision that would send a signal that Liberty Party is ready and is also standing on a solid ground.” 

The Liberty Party senatorial candidate observed that Liberia is rich in natural resources, and wondered why its citizens continue to live in abject poverty. 

The simple reason for the applauding conditions of the people, Dillon told his supporters, is because of some dishonest leaders, whom he said, do not have principle and the political will to represent the interest of the people. 

He spoke at the LP primary for the by-election intended to fill the Senatorial vacancy occasioned by the death of Montserrado County Senator Hannah G. Brent. 

Dillon, already a senate staffer in the office of Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, was elected as the Liberty Party’s candidate leading the party to the November 10 polls. He will be facing the Unity Party’s Clemenceau Urey, Wilson Tarpeh Alliance for Peace & Democracy (APD) amongst the total of 11 the National Election Commission (NEC says it submitted full documentation that could qualify them for the contest.

Liberty Party partisans await results of the Primary results of the process to elect the party's nominee for the vacant Montserrado County senatorial seat left vacant by the death of Hannah Brent. 

Prior to the primary, some of Dillon’s supporters, who spoke to journalists said, James Ngenda, who Dillon beat at the primary, is not a popular figure when it comes to party politics, but noted that that there were some politics interplayed with some ‘big hands’ behind the curtains to kick Dillon out. 

They described Dillon as a grass rooter, who will deliver the political variables for the people. The Liberty Party primary election commission was headed by Cllr. Hilton Poehoe, a senior executive of the party. 

Following the election of Dillon, the Liberty now faces the task of campaign to fill the vacant post along with the Clemenceau Urey of the ruling Unity party, a candidate from the popular Congress for Democratic Change and other candidates who are yet to be fully identified. 

Dillon in particular and his Liberty party in general have been very vocal on issues affecting the Liberian society and also commending the government when it performs well like the past when it heap praises for road rehabilitation across the country.



Showdown At Capitol Building.... Senate Split Over Dillon-Ballout Feud

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Showdown at Capitol : Supporters, Staffers Shield Dillon’s Arrest, Senators Split

- Nat Nyuan Bayjay

Source: FrontPage Africa

DILLON VS. BALLOUT: A letter dated November 18, 2010, from a Senate Committee called for a 90-day suspension of Dillon without pay as a result of what it described as ‘disrespectful statements’ made against Maryland County Senior Senator John A. Ballout, Sr.

Monrovia - 

A controversial decision by the Leadership Committee of the Liberian Senate rendered the ground of the Capitol Building a scene not seen in as long a time as anyone can recollect early Friday morning.

Members of the Liberia National Police (LNP), under the command of its Assistant Commissioner of Police, Darlington George, barricaded the home of the National Legislature in an attempt to prevent Darius Dillon, the Chief of Office Staff of Bong County Senior Senator from entering the compound based on a directive of the Senate’s Committee. The arrest was however prevented by dozens of Dillon’s supporters, coupled with staffers from various offices of the Capitol Building who ensured that he entered his office amidst the police presence, a situation said to be increasing Dillon’s political relevance and popularity.

Dillon and supporters leave the Capitol Building 

Dillon, a former senatorial aspirant and stalwart of the opposition Liberty Party, in total disregard to the Senate Committee’s letter showed up at the Capitol “to report to work regularly”.

Dated November 18, 2010, the Committee’s letter called for a 90-day suspension of Dillon without pay as a result of what it described as ‘disrespectful statements’ made against Maryland County Senior Senator John A. Ballout, Sr.

The letter said, “By directive of the Leadership Committee of the Liberian Senate you are informed that based on complaint brought before the Leadership against you by Senator John A. Ballout for ‘disrespectful statements’ made by you against his person which has brought the status of the Senator into disrepute and public ridicule coupled with your refusal to retract said statements within 72 hours relative to a communication dated November 8, 2010 and addressed to Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, your immediate boss, in which the Leadership brought to her attention your behavior, you are hereby suspended for a period of 90 days without pay effective November 19, 2010”.

The letter further threatens Dillon’s dismissal if he refuses to retract said statements as of the time of the expiration of his suspension with no further notice.

In addition to the three months suspension, further punishment calling for Dillon to “stay clear” of the premises of the Liberian Senate while his suspension lasts was the basis for Friday’s showdown as a defiant Dillon overcame a long-positioned group of policemen who had taken to the Capitol hours prior Dillon’s arrival at about 9:30AM.

A re-enforced police team later arrived just as Dillon was being provided ‘maximum security’ by friends and supporters as he prepared to leave for daily lunch when Assistant Police Commissioner George, with his men behind him, said “You have to go with us, Sir, to the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police”. 

Dillon who said he had seen no arrest warrant from the police then replied, “If it is an invitation, I could go to the Police Station but upon whose order am I being invited?”

In no time, his supporters and other staffers immediately began to shout his ‘no arrest’ slogan as they escorted him back to his office just when an impatient Commander George had ordered his men to “move on him and have him arrested”.

The situation were later calmed as other legislators, including River Gee Junior Senator Nathaniel Williams, Sinoe County Senior Senator Mabutu Nyepan, Montserrado County Representatives Rufus Neufville and Moses Tandopolie intervened as led by Senator Nyepan. 

Dillon who later got in the Sinoe County lawmaker’s car went to the LNP Headquarters under the company of Senator Nyepan as a jam-packed police pickup sped after it. At the LNP Headquarters, another violent scene broke up between a protesting group of Dillon’s supporters and police of the LNP’s anti-rioting unit, the Police Support Unit (PSU) which witnessed some supporters being jostled. 

Few minutes later, the former senatorial aspirant walked a freed man out of the LNP Headquarters after “few minutes of questioning”.

‘Disappointing Move’

Speaking earlier before the arrival of the re-enforced police team, Dillon said it was a mere joke that a personal staff of one Senator is being ordered suspended as a result of another senator’s personal problem with him.

“This personal staff works at the will and pleasure of Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and no other senator or representative from another office should be asking for my suspension”, he said.

“This is disappointing, the way and manner in which our country is heading because another staffer from another senator’s office who doesn’t know Senator Ballout or even if he or she knows him but meets him and doesn’t speak to the Senator in the marketplace he just might complain that person and the Senate Committee will suspend such staffer too. This is a bad precedence which must not be encouraged!” Dillon exclaimed. 

Fundamental Mistake

The decision of the Senate Committee is said to contravene its standing Rule 26 which discusses the issue of payment of employees affected by death, expulsion or resignation of a senator under which he or she works. It says that the personal staff of any discontinued senator shall be deemed terminated at the expiration of the 90 days….and until such time, the staffer works at the will and pleasure of his or her boss (senator). 

‘Legislative Tyranny’

The scene outside the Capitol Building Friday after standoff between Senate Staffer Darius Dillon and police. 

A heavily divided membership of the Senate sees more senators condemning the Leadership’s decision.

Senator Nyepan attributed what he said was fundamental mistake to the decision: “There is a fundamental mistake with the decision. You can’t stop anybody from entering this building or its grounds. Let’s assume that you suspended the man, but how can you stop him from coming here as a citizen of Liberia? The entire process is marred by mistakes.”

An angry Margibi County Senator, Roland Kaine, added, “I thought that by this time, we should be ending the orientation at the Liberian Legislature. We should be doing things that represent us.”

Senator Williams of River Gee County described it as a “bad move” while Montserrado County Representative Neufville equated the decision to ‘foolishnes’: “If I had control of the English dictionary, I would describe this as a complete foolishness”, adding, “This is complete legislative tyranny”.

‘Stand By Our Decision’

However, some members of the Committee defended their actions. Cape Mount County Senior Senator Abel Massalley told journalists that several intervening efforts were carried out between Dillon and the Maryland County lawmaker but “Dillon refused to appreciate that. So, let the public know that we personally intervened. No other senator will be happy to see another senator’s staffer addressing him or her like that.” 

The Grand Cape Mount Senator however frowned on the manner in which Senator Ballout behaved in the public. “We all are statesman. You must be very refined when you go up there which I told my colleague, Senator Ballout.” 

Lofa County Senior Senator Sumo Kupee added, “We had personal interventions with Dillon but he refused. So, I support the measure taken by the Leadership”.

The Lofa County lawmaker noted that the Committee’s decision is not an issue with Dillon and Senator Ballout. “This is about a staff in one of the offices of a senator insulting another senator”.

The Ballout-Dillon Feud

The Ballout-Dillon saga began as a result of a Jacob Town gathering graced by the both men at which it was reported that the Senator referred to members of the Democratic Alliance (DA) with whom Dillon associates as “dangerous people”. 

Media reports indicated that during the Jacob Town political function Senator Ballout reportedly told participants that members of the DA, if given state power, would destroy Liberia.

According to the report, an infuriated Dillon, taking the stand to make remarks, reportedly rubbished Senator Ballout's statement, referring to him as 'one of Liberia's most wicked lawmakers’ with further claims that the Maryland County Senator is practicing “modern slavery” at the Capitol Building. 

Dillon was further quoted as alleging that instead of 14 persons who should be employed in the office of each senator, Senator Ballout has only four persons actively employed, while the rest were “bogus” names on government payroll. He reportedly maintained that Senator Ballout has 'no moral ground' to question the integrity of members of the DA of Liberia since in fact, the Senator’s “hands were not clean”. 

Senator Ballout subsequently complained Dillon to the leadership of the Senate which led to a 72-hour ultimatum for retraction as the National Legislature is currently on its constituency break. 

A defiant Dillon refused, insisting that he be given a chance to provide his side of the story.

His boss, Senator Taylor, in an official response to a Senate's communication said she was taken aback that the leadership of the Senate has chosen to be conclusive in a matter of which merits and demerits have not been looked at. 

Senator Taylor, in her November 9, 2010 letter responded to the Senate’s Committee: “The ambiguity of the communication raises more questions than answer. For instance, what did Mr. Dillon say or not say about or against Sen. Ballout which has been termed as disrespectful statement? What prompted the alleged statement? In what capacity did Mr. Dillon make such statement and at what occasion and venue?”

Dillon’s boss also demanded a copy of an investigation conducted by the Liberian Senate which led to the conclusion that she must demand a staff in her office to “retract within 72 hours for comments” he allegedly made against the Maryland County lawmaker. 

Dillon’s Legislative Trouble

Senator John Ballout, Maryland, Unity Party 

Dillon’s trouble with the National Legislature has come a long way. Then aide to former House Speaker Edwin Snowe, he was sent to jail after the House Plenary found him guilty of contempt and placed him in a common jail at the Monrovia Central Prison where he spent four days. Dillon was released when his lawyer made a presentation to the Supreme Court, informing the country's highest court that his client was illegally detained and was not accorded the necessary due process, something the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Dillon against the House of Representatives.

Thursday’s letter is Dillon again pointed to what it said was his continual feud with the Senate, something Dillon challenged as he clarified that he has not been involved in any feud with the Legislature’s Upper House.

The letter: “It (the decision) is about your posture to continuously breach the canopy of the ethics of administrative behavior of a junior employee showing disrespect to a senior employee or a staff disrespecting a senator.”

But Dillon said, “Let them point to acts that show my ‘continual’ breach of the Senate’s canopy of ethics.”



Dillon Takes On Citizenship Issue

7. January 2014 13:33 by abdillon in

Dillon takes on citizenship issue

There’s an article in World Politics Review today called “Liberia debates race-based citizenship” by Myles Estey.

I learned from the article that there is a movement led by Darius Dillon, a senior aid to Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor, to change the constitutional clause that prohibits people not of negro descent from becoming citizens.

So who is this guy? Some quick Google-ing turns up this:

  • He was Cheif of Office Staff to former House speaker Edwin Snowe.
  • The last US State Department Human Rights report cites the February 2008 detention of Dillion as an example of arbitrary detention: Acting on orders of House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, security forces…detained Darius Dillon, a member of the House of Representatives who was suspended for six months for testifying in court that House members had received bribes; Dillon was charged with bringing the House into public disrepute. On March 1, Dillon was released by order of the Supreme Court.

But that’s all I can find. Anyone know more about him? And his possible motivation for taking on this cause?

Update: Thanks to a Liberian friend for this comment:

Darius Dillon…was never a member of the legislature but is arguably the most high profile legislative aide. The issue of changing the citizenship law is something that he put forth months ago and has not gained traction. Frankly, I highly doubt it will go anywhere. Time after time politicians have tried to change the law to no avail. Changing [this clause] is one of the few things that constituents will take their representatives to task over. Back to Dillon, i don’t know him but he is someone to watch. He keeps popping up in political hot topics.


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2 thoughts on “Dillon takes on citizenship issue

  1. Darius DillonMay 1, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks for your interest shown relative to the Liberian Citizenship debate.If you wish to reach me regarding the debate, you can reach me at email dillonabraham@yahoo.com. Better still, my phone numbers are: +231-6510588/77510588/5510588/4510588.

    We live in a globalised world. We intermingle. That is why I feel strongly that its time to open our citizenship to ALL regardless of race, religion, creed, etc. I hold the strong view that citizenship by birth MUST be a matter of RIGHT. No one chooses where to be born or the parents to be born unto. Citizenship by naturalization, in my view, should be by choice.

    I am determined to gather the neccesary support from all well-meaning Liberians at home and in the diaspora to ensure that this goal is achieved. This, I am committed to. Already, thousands of Liberians, some Members of the Liberian Legislature are embracing this campaign. When the neccesary and appropriate awareness is done, we shall petition our Legislature to ensure the constituional amendment in this regard. It may take a while, but we shall “get there”.

    A. Darius Dillon
    Open Liberian Citizenship Campaigner

  2. Phil GeorgeOctober 28, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Darius Dillion is the kind of inspiring leader that is needed in Liberia today. One who calls out corruption when he sees it and advocates for the Liberian people without fear. Dillon reminds me of John Morlu, the Auditor General of Liberia who is not a favorite of the ruling establishment because he takes his job seriously and refuses to be a part of the corrupt enterprise. Morlu could also be a political favorite if he plans to run for political office in the future. It’s time for change. These are great Liberians!



Dillon Elected Board Chair For Consortium of Civil Society Groups

7. January 2014 13:30 by abdillon in

Darius Dillon Named Board Chair Of Consortium

     The Chief of office staff at the office of Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Darius Dillon has been appointed chairman of the Board of the Consortium of Pressure and Interest Groups Inc. 
     In a letter of appointment to Mr. Dillon, the leadership of the consortium  said after several weeks of constructive consultations and negotiations with heads of the various umbrella organizations and senior executive council of the institution, “we the National Executive Council of the Consortium of Interest and Pressure  Groups of Liberia which represents about 35 Civil Society Organizations across the 15 Political Sub-divisions of our Country, have unanimously selected you as our new National Executive Board Chairman”. 
      The letter signed by the organization’s Secretary General, Edwin Quire and approved by the National Executive Chairman, Edwin Kla Martin, said, “Your overwhelming endorsement and selection was based on the tireless strides you continue to make in our society as it relates to social justice, peace, democracy and the rule of law in our beloved country”. 

      Dillon is an outspoken young Liberian who became popular for his comment on the removal of former speaker Edwin Snowe. 


CDC Blacklists Dillon, Others

7. January 2014 13:28 by abdillon in

Liberia: CDC’s Black List Out


A newsletter allegedly circulated by the opposition Congress for Democratic Change or CDC and circulated in Monrovia has listed several institutions, including media houses that it describes as “Axis of Evil,” and has asked all its members and sympathizers not to transact business with these institutions.

The newsletter also lists several individuals, including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, as personalities who planned and executed the “Bloody Monday” on November 7, and that they and the listed institutions should be considered as public enemies.

“CDCians and patriotic Liberians are asked to refrain from doing business with the following state subsidized establishments; don’t buy, sell or do business with these heartless business persons or institutions,” the leaflet said.

The media institutions the alleged CDC leaflet considers as public enemies are: New Dawn, Truth FM, Real TV, Liberia Broadcasting System or LBS, New Democrat, Daily Observer, Inquirer, Frontpage Africa, Parrot, and Hot FM.

Non-media institutions listed include Cellcom GSM mobile company, Zutin and Zutin Nails, Evelyn’s Restaurant, Abijoudi Supermarket, Royal Hotel, Provident Hotel, RLJ, Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, Srimex, FIND of Kofi Woods, etc.

The individuals it names as the planners behind the Monday November 7 clashes at its headquarters are President Sirleaf, Musa Bility, Eugene Nagbe, Police Director Marc Amblard, NSA boss Fomba Sirleaf, Robert Sirleaf, Maritime boss Beyan Kesselly, Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan, Cole Bangalu, Jackie Capehart, Darius Dillon, Sam Wlue, Police Traffic Director Mickey Gray, Patrick Honna, Darlington George, Planning Minister Amara Konneh, etc.

The newsletter says a full list of individuals will be released later. The newsletter was circulated simultaneously with another leaflet calling on CDCians to gear up for a 30-day non-stop protest that would lead to the president stepping down.

It reads: “The Great Victory Rally! It’s a start of a 30-day non-violent protest for a change that must come! No, no, the minority cannot rule the majority! Be there on November 28, at 6 pm at the Headquarter … come with extra food, water and clothing for the great rally that lasts 30-days-30 nights! Yes we must!”

A pre-election document signed between CDC standard bearer George Weah and an American “strategist,” called Alan White, in 2010 revealed that the CDC has long had an undisclosed “Plan B,” if it did not win the 2011 elections. Its General Secretary Acarous Gray has consistently said that the party plans to make Liberia bitter and ungovernable, while one of its executives, Mulbah Morlu, has said that the party will continue its Arab-style protest until the president steps down, a statement the government is yet to react to.

The Alan white document calls for a series of sustained protests aimed at forcing the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government to appear weak or illegitimate in the process, a situation that would also force the government to form an interim government of national unity.

In view of the contents of the Alan White document and the newsletter mentioned above, and considering the actions and statements coming from CDC officials and partisans, including standard bearer Winston Tubman’s recent statement that there will be more protests, keen observers believe that this is the beginning of the execution of CDC’s “Plan B.” But whether “Plan B” will succeed is what is unknown to most people at the moment.

Unity Party David Korte, speaking on the Truth FM Breakfast show on Thursday, said it was time that President Sirleaf acted like an African leader for a week to ensure that the CDC does not disturb the peace currently being enjoyed.




Darius Dillon Frowns On Corruption In Govt.

7. January 2014 13:26 by abdillon in

Corruption Has Won the War against Gov't - Darius Dillon Speaks from US

MONROVIA: A former Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate, Mr. Darius Dillon, has expressed frustration over what calls the failure of the Unity Party (UP)-led government to ‘properly deal with the issue of corruption’ in Liberia.

Said Mr. Dillon: “Corruption has won the war in Liberia against government.  The government has reasons to prove that it cannot fight corruption. The government lacks the will to fight corruption robustly, because if you put an institution into place to fight corruption and the institution makes recommendations to government and the government does not implement those recommendations then we render that institution useless.”

It can be recalled that on January 16, 2006 when President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was inaugurated for her first term in office, she declared corruption as ‘public enemy number one’. She openly vowed to fight corruption head on.

But her critics say the Liberia and Africa first female president has not done much to uphold her solemn pledge as it relates to the fight against corruption.   

Mr. Dillon, who is currently pursuing his studies in the United States of America, was one of the strong supporters for the re-election bid of President Johnson-Sirleaf during the 2011 General and Presidential Elections.

But he stated that the current path taken by the government regarding the fight against corruption is not one of the attributes that they (supporters) campaigned for during the campaign.

According to Mr. Dillon, no effort has been made by the government to drastically deal with corruption, which he described as a ‘menace that is eating every fabric of the Liberian society.’  

He averred that the President Johnson-Sirleaf led administration lacks the political will to ‘robustly combat corruption’ in the country. The former Liberty Party (LP) stalwart made these assertions on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 when he participated on a local radio talk show via telephone from the USA.

“I am disappointed that up to present no effort has been made by the government to achieve the fight against the disease, corruption,” he pointed out.  He said institutions set up to unearth corrupt acts, including the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and the General Auditing Commission (GAC) would be ‘dormant and useless’ if public officials booked for corruption are not prosecuted.

The Liberian politician accentuated that the act of prosecuting a ‘selective few individuals’ accused of corruption and leaving out others amounts to favoritism, and therefore, those booked should be brought to justice without discrimination.

Mr. Dillon wants the government take practical actions to ensure that officials of government accused of corruption are prosecuted.

Listen to Mr. Dillon: “It is good that Liberians can continue to talk about corruption, but it is now time for the government to take robust and practical actions to curtail the corrupt practices on the part of government officials. Liberia cannot afford to have people clearly in corrupt acts, as institutions setup to carry out the fight against corruption, including the LACC and the GAC remain dormant. When last have we heard one GAC audit report transmitted to the court for prosecution, why are we doing this to the people, this is not what we campaigned for; this is not what we told the people that we wanted. We said that, we wanted a good government that will be in the interest of the people and do those things for national good. I am getting disappointed and I must say it.”

Mr. Dillon maintained:  “Corruption has won the war in Liberia against government. The Government has reasons to prove that it cannot fight corruption. The government lacks the will to fight corruption robustly, because if you put an institution into place to fight corruption and the institution makes recommendations to government and it (government) cannot implement those recommendations then we render that institution useless.”



Liberia Opposition Party Welcomes Back Darius Dillon

7. January 2014 13:23 by abdillon in
The Love of Liberty: Liberia Opposition Party Welcomes Back Darius Dillon PDF  | Print |  Email
MONDAY, 12 AUGUST 2013 00:18


This is an indication that Liberty Party has the ability to reconcile our people and our country. I wish to assure that my appointment as Senior Policy Advisor is welcoming and I shall utilize my God-given talents, my political skills and influence to the benefit of our Party as we gear toward preparing for ensuing national elections.” - Darius Dillon

This is an indication that Liberty Party has the ability to reconcile our people and our country. I wish to assure that my appointment as Senior Policy Advisor is welcoming and I shall utilize my God-given talents, my political skills and influence to the benefit of our Party as we gear toward preparing for ensuing national elections.” - Darius Dillon

Monrovia - The Executive Committee of Liberia’s opposition Liberty Party has welcomed back its prodigal son, Darius Dillon back into the party’s fold.


Dillon, who abandoned the party in the heat of the 2011 presidential campaign to throw his weight behind President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Ruling Unity Party was told by the LP Sunday that the door has been opened to him to serve as a senior policy advisor.

The party’s letter to Dillon signed by Chairman J. Fonati Koffa, reads:  “As you are well aware the National Executive Committee of the Liberty Party recently reviewed your request for reinstatement and unanimously approved that request.

In this regard, and in keeping with the powers vested in me under Article VI Section 2(c) of the Constitution and By-laws of the Liberty Party, I am pleased to appoint you as Senior Policy Advisor on Strategy and Tactics.

In your role, if you choose to accept, you will assist the Party design and coordinate strategies and programs necessary to build strategic relationships for the advancement of the Party.

You will also perform other duties as assigned.” It is my utmost desire and my hope, that you will accept this position and work to sustain the confidence your Party has placed in you.

Dillon’s return marks the return of one of the party’s grassroot members and many political observers say, the return could bolster the party’s preparation for the upcoming Mid Term Senatorial By Elections next year.

Dillon has in recent weeks expressed his disappointment in the ruling party who he supported in the 2011 elections.

Particularly, Dillon’s criticisms have bordered along his disappointment in the failure of the Sirleaf- led government to deal with the issue of corruption in the country, going as far as to suggest that corruption has won the war in Liberia. "The most I can say is that corruption has won the war in Liberia against government," the former Liberty Party Stalwart continued.

"The government has reasons to prove that it cannot fight corruption. The government lacks the will to fight corruption robustly because if you put an institution into place to fight corruption and the institution makes recommendations to government and it cannot implement the recommendations, then we render the institution useless."

Reacting to his return to the party Sunday, Dillon said he was elated that his party, was gracious to accept and welcome him home, back in the fold of the Party. “I return with renewed vigor and commitment.

I wish to thank and appreciate our eminent Partisan, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, our Political Leader, Chairman, Executive Officials, the Youth and Women's Wings, members and sympathizers for their forgiving spirit under the circumstances.

This is an indication that Liberty Party has the ability to reconcile our people and our country. I wish to assure that my appointment as Senior Policy Advisor is welcoming and I shall utilize my God-given talents, my political skills and influence to the benefit of our Party as we gear toward preparing for ensuing national elections.”

- See more at: http://www.frontpageafricaonline.com/old/politics/42-politics/6827-the-love-of-liberty-liberia-opposition-party-welcomes-back-darius-dillon.html#sthash.3oRWjIwg.dpuf




Dillon in Trouble With House of Representatives

7. January 2014 13:20 by abdillon in

Liberia: Darius Dillon in Trouble, House Holds Him In Contempt

Darius A. Dillon, the Chief of Office Staff of Bong County senior Senator Jewel Howard Taylor appears to be heading for trouble for allegations that the Judicial Committee is concocting plans to expel his former boss, Edwin M. Snowe. Mr. Dillon Was Snowe's Chief of Office Staff when he (Snowe) was Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Dillon accused some members of the Judicial Committee of the house of plotting to eject Mr. Snowe from the National Legislature for accusing some lawmakers of taking bribe to remove him as Speaker of the House.




Two US Congressmen Honor Darius Dillon For His Advocacy

6. January 2014 23:45 by abdillon in

Liberia: U.S. Congressmen Honor Dillon – Recognize His Advocacy for Liberian Underprivileged

Nov 30, 2012Comments Offby 
[Analyst]It is said a child who washes his hands eats with kings. This is proving true for Liberian political activist Abraham Darius Dillon whose political and constitutional analyses, amongst other national issues, has won him the admiration and recognition of prominent international personalities. Though the former Liberty Party stalwart is yet to end his first semester at the Strayer University where he's pursuing a undergraduate degree, he has begun to receive laurels for good work at home, as The Analyst